Multi-Age Project

project-based learning Project time occurs throughout the week at Keystone, but we typically dedicate Wednesdays to Project Time.

During Project Time, students present or are presented with an idea or problem, and they then brainstorm ways to solve the problem. This is done in multi-age groupings where children from all levels join to achieve the task at hand. Whether it is building a rain forest, opening a restaurant, creating a working city, building bridges from popsicle sticks (one that held 80lbs), or digging for dinosaur bones in the playground, Keystone's Project Time is engaging, thought-provoking, and fun.

Children form groups based on their social, academic, and emotional needs.project-based learning - paper mache animals As a result of this natural grouping, their personal strengths emerge, strengthening the group as a whole. These groups facilitate learning, while at the same time, teaching selection skills and teamwork.

Here are some other examples of previous all-school projects: