Middle School Prep

Keystone has expanded our 4th/5th grade curriculum to include a series of workshops and mini-lessons to provide our graduates with a set of tools that are current, age-appropriate, dynamic, and realistic.

In 4th/5th grade, we will also introduce the use of both letter grades and percentage grades. We will help the children understand how these assessments are factored and what they mean. The students will be often factoring their own grades. This is important because we have not used this type of measurement at Keystone previously, and all middle school and high school programs measure performance in these ways. The 4th/5th grade report cards will reflect these changes, as will their daily and weekly work. It is another way for us to help our students transition more easily, equipping them with a more informed position as they head to middle school.



*Please expect that this process will be dynamic as we assess our time and interest of the students.

General Skills Workshops:

  • Learning my Strengths/Challenges/How to Use Both
  • Assessing My Surroundings/Personal Safety
  • Setting of Realistic Goals and Expectations
  • Time Management
  • Management of Goals and Expectations
  • Reassessing and Adjusting of Goals
  • Developing/Utilizing Safe Resources outside of Parents
  • Peer Navigation
  • Administrator and Teacher Navigation
  • Health, Hygiene, Human Anatomy


Study Skills/Test Taking Workshops:

Students will:

  • Practice study skills for studying for daily homework, quizzes, mid-term and final tests. This includes note taking, reading for key words/ideas, highlighting material, utilizing options such as books on tape, recording teacher lectures, and other alternative studying options.
  • Practice typical test formats including: multiple choice, fill in the blank, True/False, short answer, long answer, essay questions.


Math Workshops:

Teachers will:      

  • Assess students and move forward steadily, strengthening skills for grade level and readiness for next levels.
  • Use myriad sources to find best ways for each child to develop own resources.

Students will:

  • Learn and apply traditional and alternative approaches to all math skills for grade level and readiness for next levels.
  • Increase abilities to think critically, divergently, both inductively and deductively.
  • Learn about letter grades, percentages, and how they are factored.


Reading/Writing Workshops:    

Teachers will:

  • Assess students and move forward steadily, strengthening skills for grade level and readiness for next levels.
  • Provide level-appropriate writing practices that will provide for confidence in writing

Students will:

  • Practice writing 2, 3, 5 paragraph papers, moving towards confidence in writing skills
  • Utilize learned skills such as parts of speech, usage, grammar, syntax, spelling, capitalization, punctuation.
  • Explore genres of reading/writing: Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Prose, Informative, Argumentative.
  • Understand and use figurative language in Reading/Writing: ex. metaphor, simile, alliteration, etc.

These areas will be attended throughout the regular classwork and also special focus studies by the classroom teacher and the school directors. We will use many methods from multi-disciplinary approaches to expand the core subjects and areas of individual and group interest. These methods might include: games, skill training sessions, bringing in experts in certain fields, hands-on discovery, reflection, re-approach, failure, music, field trips, cooking, physical education, and tons of practice.

We are truly committed to preparing our children to be confident, excited, and ready to go to middle school. It is a very important part of our jobs to attend to each of these learners, helping them move steadily and progressively forward in their education journey. Helping our 4th/5th grade children manage their time, expectations, goals, disappointments, and anxieties will fortify them and ready them for what’s next.

Let the Adventure Begin!