The Farm

While Keystone is a great place to get a fabulous education, it is also a real working farm. Each day the students of Keystone feed, groom, clean up after, and love on our animals. Preschool goes to pasture once a week, while the other grades go at least three times a week. For our kids, these are some of their favorite times! The Keystone animals are very well-loved.

Pasture jobs are:chicken

  • Feed the horses and llamas
  • Brush the horses
  • Gather eggs from the chickens
  • Scoop manure from the pasture


Currently, Keystone's farm animals include:

  • Wonder Woman, the horse and old lady of the pasture
  • Lucky Charm, the miniature horse
  • Juliet, the mama llama
  • Rosie, a llama, one of Juliet's babies
  • Chris, a llama
  • JJ, a llama, Juliet's most recent baby
  • Salt, a sheep
  • Pepper, a sheep
  • Snowball, a sheep who thinks she's a goat
  • Lexi, a goat who thinks she's the boss
  • Oreo, the goat who will still let you hold him

Plus a coop full of chickens, a pigeon house full of pigeons, and our resident ducks and geese!

We also have an organic garden for children to plant and harvest. In fact, we use our horse manure to make worm castings that help to fertilize and grow our vegetables. Most of the vegetables from the garden and the eggs from the chickens are donated to the Edmond Hope Center.