Our Roots

Hubert and Rae Gragg


In the Fall of 2012, through hard work and a bit of magic, a 96-year-old man named C. Hubert Gragg came to visit Keystone. He brought his wife, Rae, and his grandson, Zach. Hubert Gragg is the man who built the property we now call Keystone 50 years ago. He loved the land and preserved it for his horses and other critters who called the creek and pasture home. The building we call our schoolhouse, he and his family called "home." His children played in the dirt, wandered the creek, climbed the trees, and ate on the back porch. So in some ways, not much has changed! The Keystone Kids greeted him with "Welcome Home, Bud!" They sang Keystone songs and showed off their school. He told them stories of "The Old Days" on the farm. They told him stories of "These Days," and he shed happy tears. Mr. Gragg's homecoming to Keystone was Full Circle.