Welcome to 2nd & 3rd Grade!

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Marsha Pattison

marsha muralMarsha’s classroom is set up to be a relaxed atmosphere where students feel safe, secure and comfortable. Her classroom has a nature theme with a large forest wall mural and many windows that provide light. When you tour her room, you might also notice little nature animals hiding. 

One important goal in her classroom is to accommodate each students’ unique learning style. At the beginning of the school year, students take an interest inventory to recognize his/her strengths.

marsha 1Marsha supports Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences. Class activities vary in content, product and process. But a main goal is to maximize engaging learning opportunities so students “shine” based on their natural abilities and interests.

Marsha uses an integrated curriculum approach with effective planning and preparation of thematic units. Reading, Writing, and Research opportunities abound. Students practice narrative, descriptive, classificatory, persuasive, and research writing. They are taught how to use different types of graphic organizers to offer a visual framework for their learning.  Students work in pairs, small groups, individually, or with Marsha, depending on their personal needs.

Many creative activities happen in Marsha’s room. Students enjoy singing songs, reading choral readings, and creating their own stories and acting them out. Students created and have decorated a puppet theater, and they enjoy performing puppet shows. Marsha’s students also become teachers when they share their research and stories with younger Keystone students. What a fun way for lower grade students to expand background knowledge!