Welcome to Kindergarten & 1st Grade!

K/1 Ducks






Kindergarten/1st grade is the students’ first experience in a multi-age classroom. This diversity of our student population provides for students to learn from one another as well as teach their peers.

sensoryThe students learn in a variety of ways: whole group instruction, partner learning, team and group learning, as well as one-on-one learning. As part of the learning and practicing, Keysha uses centers to help the students begin to take ownership of their own learning. This also provides opportunities for her to work one-on-one with students to individualize and personalize their progression of learning. Concepts may be introduced in small or whole group, and students are given the freedom to progress at their own pace, educationally, socially, and emotionally.

J&AIn regards to literacy and reading, we believe that most students learn best with a blend of phonetic and whole language exposure. We use the methods each students learns best from in order to tailor their experiences in growing their oral language, letter recognition, phonetic identification, word segmentation, and whole word recognition. Students use hands-on manipulatives, technology, gross motor, fine motor, and kinesthetics to help solidify the concepts they are building upon.

hiveStudents participate in all different avenues of learning across all subject areas. On any given day, they may be seen building with materials in a STEM project, exploring the building in search of their hidden vocabulary words, playing a dice math game with a friend, writing in their monthly journals, singing along with a learning video, dancing to a number song, investigating our school grounds for a science lesson, feeding the animals special treats, or cooking in the kitchen.