Welcome to 4th & 5th Grade!




Sharon Kinzie

Keystone's 4th/5th grade classroom is the final step in preparation for a Keystone Kid's final launch to Middle School.  Keystone believes that after experiencing the full Keystone experience of 3-y-o through 5th grade, our kids are ready for more.  During a student's 4th/5th grade experience children encounter more research based learning with an increase in the amount of academic expectations for each individual. Keystone works hard on balancing the social, emotional and academic needs of each student and by 4th/5th grade, the balance leans towards preparing them to step into a middle school environment.  Children also transition into becoming the leaders of the school through their interactions with the younger students and are often seen helping them in all areas.  Whether leading them in a project or assisting them in their social needs, Keystone 4th/5th graders are revered by the younger kids for their leadership abilities. 

To learn more about how we prepare our 4th and 5th graders to transition into middle school, check out our Middle School Prep Program.