Welcome to Pre-K!




Missy Benear

Keystone’s Pre-K program provides time for your child to develop socially, emotionally, and developmentally while being exposed to Pre-K fundamentals. 

Scroll to the bottom of the page to meet our Pre-K teacher and students, or CLICK HERE to go directly to our Pre-K playlist on YouTube.

The classroom curriculum is Nursery Rhyme/ABC based and provides a solid foundation for pre-reading skills. Students will also be introduced to traditional Fairy Tales and will be involved in retelling and dramatizing these, along with other fun activities.

As the year progresses, journaling becomes a daily activity where kids use developmental spelling to write or draw about various subjects.

Math is interspersed throughout the day with calendar activities, Dreambox Learning on the computer, and hands-on work with manipulatives.

Keystone’s beautiful campus provides students with Science activities  throughout the year by observing seasonal changes and interacting with the pond, creek, organic garden, and animals!

We enjoy large-group activities with the whole school, which incorporates Social Studies, Science, and other subject areas.

Above all, students learn how to get along with each other through play and work and by being a part of our “Keystone Family” in this wonderful and loving place!