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Why We Chose Keystone

Parents and children, current and former, talk about the lasting impact Keystone has had on their families.





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How Keystone Helped Me

Keystone graduates and parents share about their successes at Keystone and after Keystone. 




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The future benefits to the kids of Keystone

Join Jenny and John and some of Keystone's graduates to learn how being a Keystone Kid helped them to be successful after Keystone.  


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Why Do I Love Keystone

Watch the Children of Keystone as they share why they love Keystone  


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Beyond the Sidewalk

Watch as the Keystone kids explain what imagination means to them and hear from parents and teachers as to what happens for Keystone kids "Beyond the Sidewalk!"  


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Curiosity at Keystone

Watch as the Keystone kids explain what curiosity means to them and hear from parents and teachers as to why Keystone is such a magical place to be!  


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Why Keystone

Meet the faces of Keystone as the children, parents, and teachers explain why they chose Keystone Adventure School and Farm.  


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The Impact of Keystone

Get a first hand look at how Keystone has impacted the lives of our students and families.


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Welcome to KeystoneWelcome to Keystone

See what Keystone Adventure School and Farm is all about.



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Rise Up KeystoneRise Up Keystone

Risa, Jenny, and John take you on a tour of the school after severe flood damage in the Summer of 2010.


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