"Academic Success" is an Incomplete Picture of Childhood Success

Posted on 09/03/2018

As a parent of two Keystone kids, I value academic growth and am greatly concerned for the academic well-being of my children. As a teacher at Keystone, I am also greatly concerned for the academic well-being of all Keystone kids. However, I am also concerned for the social and emotional well-being of all Keystone kids, including my own. I have taught in many schools and have heard countless discussions concerning academics and discipline, but never have I worked in a place where there is so much talk about the social and emotional growth of children. 

So, why are those two components of learning spoken of so often at Keystone? We know that academic, social, and emotional growth are so intertwined that it is hard to differentiate where one leaves off and the others begin. Success in all three of these areas is critical for all children; furthermore, self-esteem is directly related to success in each of these areas. Children must have success in all three of these areas in order to be successful in school and life. At Keystone, we are focused on all three areas because we know that when kids are thriving socially, emotionally, and academically they are also thriving at life.

One of the greatest gifts we have at Keystone is time. We take time to get to know each student intimately in all of these areas, and we take time to implement actions to help all of our children grow in these areas. Because we talk so much about the social and emotional growth of kids, people often do not understand how much we value and emphasize academics. As an elementary school that values time for children to grow, we know that, first and foremost, we must find ways for children to achieve social and emotional success prior to and alongside academic growth. With time and space for developmental growth, our students find long-term and lasting success socially and emotionally. As they mature through the grades and the entire Keystone experience, they can take great academic risks, allowing them to grow far beyond what a standard curriculum can provide.

Your children receive a much more well-rounded education thanks to our focus on emotional, social, academic, and physical learning. When they leave our Keystone family, they move on  to middle school ready to succeed in ways that make them some of the most desirable students in the metro area. Our kids don’t just float into public schools; they test and are accepted into some of the most rigorous private middle school programs in the city. Once they arrive, they are regarded by their teachers, administrators, and classmates as leaders, thinkers, and friends.

At Keystone, we are proud of what your children are becoming and proud of the path they are taking to get there. We admire their perseverance as they take risks socially, emotionally, and academically. We are in awe of the growth and changes they accomplish over the years as they get the entire Keystone experience. And when it is all over, and they graduate from our family, we are certainly sad for our loss. But more importantly, we are excited for what is to become of them, knowing they have been given the tools they need to succeed, not just at school, but in life, as well.

Thanks for sharing your amazing kids with us! 


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