2018-19 Welcome Letter from the Directors

Posted on 07/30/2018

Greetings from the Directors of Keystone Adventure School and Farm!


We founded Keystone based on the need for a paradigm shift away from the educational trends towards standardized learning and teaching to the test. Every day, our children care for our farm animals, problem solve through project, learn though art and play, and expand their critical thinking awareness through process learning. We delight in their genuine kindness, zest for life, grit to challenge themselves, and courageous curiosity to solve life's mysteries! Activated learning and wonder have been in full swing at Keystone from the day we opened our doors 14 years ago!

We are calling this year “The Year of Wonder!” celebrating our beautiful horse, Wonder, the matriarch of the pasture. Wonder passed away on November 9 at the estimated age of 40 (!!!) after fourteen years of gracing our campus and our Wonder-full Wild Things. Wonder’s name embodies all that we hope for our children: to awaken and nurture the indefinable gifts of wonder and adventure inside every beautiful heart and mind.

This year brings an exciting shift in the Keystone collective as blessings abound on a new level in the form of increased enrollment, foundational grants, and a groundswell of community support. At the very core of every decision we make are the now and future children of Keystone. Their right to safe childhood is sacred; their right to learn their way is paramount; their right to wander and wonder is wholly theirs. We are blessed to join in their journeys. 

At Keystone, we embrace change as a sign of the adventure of life and opportunity for new learning for all. Some of the amazing changes on our path:                         

  • * Accreditation: In early July, we received notification from AdvancED Accreditation that Keystone is approved internationally and nationally for accreditation!
  • * Take Flight: This year we are implementing a new literacy program called Take Flight. We could not be more excited about what this program provides for all learners at Keystone. It’s a game changer!

  • * Pond Runners: Children who arrive at Keystone by 8:15 may join in the sun salute, morning stretch, and blast around the pond led by their fearless PE/Cog teacher Kyle, starting their day on their feet and waking up their brains!

Keystone is growing by leaps and bounds, and our children are truly worth your investment. These wonderful wild things will bring creativity, kindness, and cooperation to their future communities, as they do now to ours.

Heartfelt thanks to you for supporting the now and future Wild Things of Keystone Adventure School and Farm!


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