Process for Admissions

Preschool Collaborative PaintingWalking through our admissions process gives us all a chance to see how we might blend our talents to create a productive, balanced community and provide an exceptional experience for your child. That "magic in the mix" is what Keystone Adventure School is all about.

Step 1: Schedule a Tour/Attend Open House

We invite potential parents and students to spend time at Keystone. This gives potential families opportunities to see how our students move through the day, meet with our Directors, and watch our philosophy in action. This tour provides valuable first-hand experiences for you to reflect on throughout the rest of the admissions process. To sign up for one of our monthly tours, contact us at (405) 216-5400  or [email protected]

Step 2: Submit Application and Enrollment Fee

  • Records: If your child previously attended school(s), we ask that you provide copies of the records for the year prior to enrollment. Download the records request form.Keystone Recess and Play

Step 3: Schedule a Visit Day

If, after submitting your application, you are offered a spot, your child will attend a visit day. For potential kindergarten through fifth grade students, a visit day is the best way for the prospective child and the school to get to know each other. Teachers can learn about the child in a hands-on way and make a more informed evaluation about placement for the individual child. This time helps us discern the best interest of the child, while providing the child an opportunity to gage a more accurate comfort level with Keystone. On this special visit day, the visiting child spends time in the classroom exploring, playing, doing, asking, searching, and learning. Our goal is to make these days fun, creative, informative, and comfortable. For potential PreSchool and PreK children there will be a scheduled “Meet & Greet.” Teachers may request additional visit days outside of the scheduled “Meet & Greet.”  On the “Meet & Greet” days, all visiting children will be observed by both teachers and directors as they engage with other visitors in play.

Keystone Reading in Trees

Step 4: Submit Contract

In making enrollment decisions, the entire Keystone faculty and staff comes together to evaluate applicants and configure classes that reflect balance and diversity. Our goal is to create peer groups that foster academic rigor, respect and courage, and to create classroom communities that allow every child to make the joyful discoveries that result in fully engaged learning.

We make rolling admissions decisions throughout the year as spaces become available. Once we contact you about our decision, it’s your turn to decide whether Keystone is the right fit for your child! The last step is to turn in your signed contract with your enrollment fee.

Step 5: Two-Week Trial Process

Keystone employs a two-week trial period for all prospective students to ensure that Keystone is good fit as a learning environment for that particular student. During the trial period, we carefully consider the dynamics of the incoming student within the existing classroom. Once admitted, the new student is considered part of the existing school and classroom dynamic, and his/her needs will be valued as Keystone considers admitting additional students.



Make sure to take a look at our admissions policies as well as the current year’s tuition as you begin the admissions process. Also, feel free to contact us with any questions that you have throughout the process.