The Keystone Experience


We start our day in the pasture as we feed and care for the animals and clean up the pastures. We muck the pasture and collect manure for our worm bins, which then is composted and used in our garden.


After pasture, we all gather as a whole school to sing together, learn rhythm, experience different types of music, learn basic musical vocabulary, or even write a song together.



We then traditionally break to go to our individual, multi-age classrooms in which we get down to the business of bonding and learning together. Each day brings with it a new adventure as we explore concepts in math, reading, writing, science, history, geography, and much more. However, at our core, we work to help foster critical thinking. As students grow as problem solvers and discover who they are as learners and thinkers, they also continue to develop critical social and emotional skills.




A good portion of each week is dedicated to working through various student-driven, exploratory projects in either a whole-school or individual classroom setting. For some more in-depth look at what this involves, check out our Multi-Age Project page.




We value lots of fresh air and outdoor play! Our hour of lunch and recess is filled with plenty of running, exploring, bike riding, tree climbing, and more. Plus, classes take breaks outside throughout the day as needed.




In the afternoons, the individual classrooms break out to explore aspects of physical education, technology, COG, or art. The whole class might go together, or small groups might go a few at a time. The schedule is rotated throughout the week so every child has plenty of exposure to these important aspects of education.




At the end of every day, our students group into multi-age teams and clean up the campus by mopping, sweeping, taking out the trash, collecting recycling, etc. We firmly believe that this time of day is just as important as any other time or activity.