Keystone COVID-19 Response


Get ready for a year at Keystone that will be OUT OF THIS WORLD!

CALLING ALL SPACE CADETS! Grab your helmets and head to the launch pad! Keystone is headed for the stars on STARSHIP KEYSTONE! This year we will explore the unknown in outer space, inner space, and the space between us all. Join us on STARSHIP KEYSTONE!


Keystone Adventures in Space And Further! 

Space: Our Learning Frontier

These are the voyages of the STARSHIP KEYSTONE.

Its continuing mission: 

To explore new ways of learning;

To seek out new friends and new relationships;



By creating a theme of " MISSION: KASAF ," we combine the discovery of unexplored planets and galaxies, (who lives there?...what do they eat for breakfast?...what kinds of pets do they have? do our differences make us the same?...what mysteries and magic can we learn from them?) with the concept of finding common ground, that it takes a village...or a space station with satellite pods, and all of us together to make the human race the best it can be. 

When we are safely at “Mission Control KASAF” (Keystone campus), we have space helmets (sun hats with face shields), “oxygen masks” as we enter into different atmospheres, "personal pods" (desks), and "jet packs" (backpacks with individualized school boxes).

COVID-19 has changed life as we know it and early childhood education is a big loser. But Keystone was founded on the basic tenets of love as a guide, that childhood is sacred and messy childhood is the best vehicle for children's learning to be "sticky," meaningful, purposeful, and ultimately applicable. Fresh air, fresh folks, and fresh experiences breed fresh hearts, fresh minds, and fresh learners. 

Learning happens when we're not looking: science in a mud puddle, literature in the shapes of clouds and the squish of mud between the toes, math in the building of a stick structure big enough for you, me and a baby llama. Or tripping the light fantastic among the stars and galaxies with your best pals.

As far as “MISSION: KASAF,” Starship Keystone is clear to launch!

And in the immortal words of a famous space traveler:

“Live long and prosper!”