COVID-19 Case Tracker

Below are the live updated metrics to be shared with Keystone's families. A quantitative econometric analyst built this statistical spreadsheet that compiles the daily totals of positive coronavirus tests in our families' zip codes. It also applies a weighted average based on the population density of our families in each zip code, and calculates the 7-day rolling average for those zip codes. This gives us the most specific and accurate daily and weekly information. All data is sourced from the Oklahoma State Health Department.

The below chart has color coding, indicating which scenario we are currently in. This color system will be the same as a signal light. Green means students are all on campus in our “Mission Control KASAF” scenario. Yellow means half of the students are on campus daily in our hybrid “Space Colony KASAF” scenario. Red will mean that all students learn remotely in our virtual "Satellite KASAF” scenario. (Please note that during ”Satellite KASAF,” students will still have opportunities to be outdoors on campus with their teachers.)