Learning Specialist

     Traditional, one-size-fits-all, conveyer-belt educational settings and paint-by-number teaching can leave diverse learners languishing and labeled. Keystone strives to disrupt the inertia of conventional education by focusing on individuals, not averages; students, not standardization. Guided by this imperative of individualization and a conviction that all children can find success in learning, Keystone offers all diverse learners access to the services of its Learning Specialist Program.

     Keystone's Learning Specialist Program is driven by data and design to provide extensive academic support to students. Our Learning Specialist is integrated into daily classroom activities but also has the flexibility to provide small group and individual instructional sessions. Purposeful evaluations and progress monitoring are implemented to verify skill strengths, identify performance deficits, and track development. Collaboration with student, teacher, and parent generates authentic learning goals that drive the design of activities to engage both the mind and imagination of each student.  

      Instructional flexibility, data synthesis, and collaboration combine to allow for truly responsive individualized instruction.  The program engages student need school-wide and is not restricted to a single academic team, grade level, or disability category. Keystone's Learning Specialist has the uncommon capacity to track with students from year to year and can continue to respond to their evolving needs, not just to support them as they grow up but as they also grow inward and outward. Keystone's Learning Specialist Program has been designed, from top to bottom (and continues to evolve), to be a genuinely unique and comprehensive in-school support service.  At Keystone, it really could not be done any other way because our one-of-a-kind learners deserve one-of-a-kind guidance along their path to success.