Cognitive Sensory Classroom

Through an anonymous grant, Keystone was able to construct a one-of- a-kind classroom called the Cog Room. Emphasizing and building on the child’s need for play, physicality, self-soothing, and neurological organization, the Cog Room provides daily opportunities for children to swing, twirl, bounce, climb and fall in a safe and fun environment. Keystone believes deeply in the importance of allowing time and space for each child to organize neurologically, emotionally and physically. Sensory integration is natural for many of our children and difficult for a few. The beauty of having the Cog Room on site is that its use is not only a part of Keystone’s daily schedule, but also available on demand when specific children or groups of children need to shift focus and/or reorganize mental and emotional behavior.

As each child is physically challenged or soothed, the success is immediately apparent; behavior is modified and/or cognition is fluent, edging out frustration or confusion. This fluency, both behavioral and cognitive, transfers into the classroom, social situations, and ultimately becomes a personal model for appropriate action in daily life. Mid-line issues can be addressed, as well as many learning skills specific to processing, proprioceptive and vestibular issues. Most existing traditional desk chairs are replaced by a ”ball chair,” which is an exercise ball encased in a chair frame. These chairs allow the children to maintain focus, organize neurologically, and keep their cerebellums engaged while working at desks. Plus, they are bouncy and fun!