Kindergarten & First Grade

Keysha Curtisstudents playing with cards

“Quack!” and welcome to the Duck Pond. We are a happy group of learners, often referred to as 'The Ducks.'  We are  kindergarteners and first-graders working hard at becoming successful learners and thinkers and friends.  As children, it is important that we are allowed ample time to experience all parts of education.  If you drop by our room you will definitely see us doing wonderful things such as moving, interacting with peers, imaginative play, reading, writing, calculating and even exploring our world through technology.

student readingAll of our schooling is done through a multitude of approaches, allowing each of us to find our own pathway to successful learning.   Whether it's reading, writing, math, science or social studies, we are all working hard on an individual path towards a joyful and successful primary grade experience.  We are also allowed to progress at our own rate, allowing each of us to achieve more growth because we are not limited by a state mandate.  Thinking and time are our greatest teachers