What are the class sizes at Keystone?

Our maximum class size is 18 students, although individual classes may be smaller depending on the dynamics of learning styles within each class. Currently, the local public schools in our area are increasing class sizes to 24-32 students per classroom. At Keystone, it is important to keep class sizes low in order to increase the individualization of the learner.

What other extra-curricular activities are offered at Keystone?

All Keystone students participate in classes in Physical Education, Art, Computer/Technology, Music and Movement, and the Cog Room.

What are Keystone's homework policies?

Keystone believes that school should take place between the hours of 8:15am and 3:45pm, and that children should be allowed to go home and spend quality time with their families without battling the homework wars that are currently disrupting so many families. However, as children get older, we encourage them to read for pleasure at home. Older students are also asked to spend time at home completing individual projects and practicing arithmetic skills, which enhance their abilities in time management, as well.

What is the curriculum used?

The Keystone teachers have yet to find one single program or system that meets the needs of the many diverse learners at any school. The Keystone Team takes time to understand how each child learns and then implements an individualized approach ensuring academic progress for each child.

How can Keystone ensure that my child will be on grade level each year?

Learning is a process that is truly individual to each child. Therefore, no school can claim to ensure that a child will accomplish a specific grade level on an autocratic timetable. We commit to creating a learning program that suits your child's best learning styles and provides him/her with an incredible learning experience. This will ensure that, as your child steps into a middle school program, he/she will find the confidence and skills necessary to succeed.

Is Keystone accredited?

Keystone is not accredited, and that is by design. The options for accreditation in Oklahoma currently require the school to use standardized testing as a measure of children’s knowledge base. It is the collective experience and philosophy of the Keystone Team that a standardized measurement tool cannot accurately measure the individual strengths and skills of a student. Indeed, research shows that these tests diminish self-esteem and weaken the self-image of the learner by the time they reach middle school, often breeding self-doubt about the students’ capabilities. At Keystone, our experience confirms that relieving stress and pressure to compete academically with children’s social peers creates a safety zone whereby learning increases, allowing for a more rapid development, a higher level of learning, and greater retention. At the same time, we recognize the importance of preparing our students for the test-driven world as they prepare to leave us. Therefore, we teach children how to be successful at testing in the context of using standardized tests as a tool instead of a diagnosis. We understand that this philosophy distinguishes Keystone from other schools, and it is a distinction we welcome. At Keystone, we teach to the child, not to the test.

When do Keystone kids start and end their day?

Keystone starts its day at 8:15 am and dismisses at 3:45 pm.

Does Keystone offer after-school care?

In the past, Keystone has offered an after-school care program available until 5:45 pm. We look at the needs of our families each year to determine whether or not to offer this program.

How does Keystone handle a snow day?

Keystone has added 15 minutes to all of our school days to build in anticipated lost time due to Oklahoma weather. This gives Keystone an additional 10 days of instructional time. Our hope is that we never close school for weather and that this additional time will become an increased value to your child's learning. However, if conditions become unsafe for travel to and from school, Keystone will cancel for the day and will report that cancellation to the local media.